June 6, 2013

Masa BF5 Invited Builder...Knucklehead

There are 5 Knuckleheads in the BF5 Giveaway Promo..that's right you can take home a Knucklehead if you choose to...and Masa's killer chopper might be a great choice. He is our 2nd invited builder to be finished with their bike. The bike is on a container as we speak and will arrive soon. Masa built the bike in Japan where he lives and shipped it here on his own. That is someone who is dedicated to his work and really involved in the global motorcycle community.Thank you Masa for being part of our show and building such an incredible bike....see you soon! 

if you want to be able to win this bike, CLICK HERE to get your poster and ticket combo and be at Born-Free 5!

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