September 3, 2013


First off we want to thank everyone who has been involved with Born-Free since the beginning. The sponsors, vendors ,builders, friends and spectators..we truly could not have done it without all your help and support. As for BF6 we are still working on the details and will make a formal announcement sometime after The Brooklyn Invitational ( Late September). We would like to share some info with all of you :: The show has not been sold. The Mooneyes group are close friends and supporters of the show but they did not Buy it. We are looking to do some more cross promotion with them for BF6 so stay posted for that. Harley Davidson has been a great addition to the Born-Free family and really nice to work with but they did not Buy the show either. Grant and myself are the two soul proprietors of Born-Free and will continue to try to put on the very best show we can. Thanks again to all that have made The Born-Free special.

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