October 23, 2013

Born-Free Builders

Now that the list has been finalize and released the excitement around it has never been greater. We have had more call, texts and emails about the builders than we expected. I will chalked it up to people really care. The list this year has many new faces and some higher profile than in years past. What does that mean...nothing! All of our builders are treated equal and we want the best for each and everyone of them.
We do not pay these guys and there's no rock star treatment. They are all doing it because they really want to bring something special to show. There's nothing else behind it. It's a bike show...so please enjoy the bikes.

This year we have made big some changes to the show and the builder portion was the first stop. We have put into play a 3 year rule: Which means a guy can only be an invited builder a maximum of 3 consecutive years. He can come back just not the following year. This does not mean everyone will do it 3 straight years,it's just that is the maximum term allowed. The Best in Show Winners and Builder Invite Winners are always welcome to build something for life. This year we had to say goodbye for now to some of the guys who help build this show. They have built some of the best bikes, have been show favorites and become close friends. This was really tough to do but it's for the good of the show. We are trying to add new people each year and just can't do it properly the old way. We are still in contact with all these guys and pretty sure they all still will be at the show with fresh builds.

The selection process is one of the toughest things we do and is not perfect..nor are we but we do the best we can. We know it's impossible to please everyone but we do try.  My thoughts to everyone reading this is...This is a bike show and about the love of motorcycles. That's it! If you put the bikes first... the who, what, and where does not matter. Having said all that it looks like this year will be very exciting. 2 days,2 giveaways and lot's more to come.

Enjoy Motorcycles- Mike        


  1. Enjoy motorcycles, I like that. That's the way I have always looked at it. Well said. Let's make shirts.

  2. Is this not Caleb from Crow's 4th year?

  3. Dirty Dave- As the post says: The Best in Show Winners and Builder Invite Winners are always welcome to build something for life... Caleb has won the builder invite twice. Thank you for your concern.

  4. Ok I was just under the impression that siksika was a builders bike at bf which with yang yang and his last build would put him at 3, this is not a stab at Todd or Max not being there more I would like to see more builders without a big name.