December 11, 2013

Entry Fee for BF6?

Yes it's true. This year we are charging $ 10 per day to get into the show. We have had an unbelievable 5 years of doing it for free but we simply can't do it anymore. Last year was a great show but we had many major issues behind the scenes. Two guys are not capable of handing the 20k+ spectators, 175 vendors ,25 Top Sponsors, 30 Invited builders ect... The show has suffered some, the people involved have not gotten the attention that is needed and deserved and frankly we can not handle the stress, pressure and workload anymore.

So what does the $ 10 admission do? The first thing it does is it pays for day 2..remember it's two full days now and we are giving away 2 bikes as well. That will almost double our operating costs...which are sky-rocketing.

Next it will help us hire a much needed real event staff to make your experience more enjoyable and help us do our job better. Much Better! We are also bringing over a container from Japan with Invited Builder/Invited Guest bikes... So if you can't get to a bike show in Japan we will bring the Japanese bikes to you. There is a massive laundry list of additional things that warrant the $ 10 per day admission but I think you get the message.
If it's too much to pay or you think the show is now tainted it's ok not to come. We want you to but it's up to you... remember it's just a bike show! We have always shared everything we do and why we do it (probably to a fault) with everyone but that's how we have always done it and it's made the show what it is. This year is going to be a challenging and interesting one for sure and we hope you are there to enjoy it with us... 



  1. Mike and Grant, this will be our companies 4th year vending at Born Free and I noticed at BF5 a lot more vendors than years past due to the ever growing popularity of the show. Another thing Ive noticed is the type and variety of vendors. My point is now that your charging to get into the show will you be able to be a little more selective about who vends. What I mean is can it be motorcycle related only. At BF5 we had Benchmark parts on one side and then 2 booths down someone was selling hot pink purses and some such shit.
    I'm not putting down this show in any way, this show has made a lot of companies what they are today and we are most greatful.
    Another suggestion would be to put the parts and bike building venders closer to the show bike area. Either way we enjoy and support the show and have already paid for a vendor spot.
    Looking forward to 2 days guys.
    Josh Frazzitta,