January 16, 2014

Caleb Owens Invited Builder

This is Caleb Owen's 4th. straight year as an invited builder...Yes 4 in a row! When you have won the BF Builder Invite you have an open invitation every year as long as there is a show....and Caleb has won it twice!
 Caleb has built a unique array of bikes over the years and they all seem to have a meaning and a purpose. This year his build may be the most significant of all..."Uncle Sam ".
 Last Dec while a group of us were waiting at the airport for our flight to Yokohama the cell phones started ringing...Caleb was in a bad motorcycle accident. He was in the hospital for a mix of broken this and bruised that but was alive. The scariest part of his accident was his very close call with a blood clot killing him...survive a violent crash, deal with the mental side of that( he just had a baby too), can't walk or work,think you are getting better and have a blood clot almost get you & still the threat almost a year later.That was his reality.
Well he made it through, finished his Born-Free 5 build and agreed to do it all over again.
 This year he is rebuilding the very bike he went down on and is doing it in a very special way. With help from his friends and some of the best craftsman in the business. Read Caleb's latest entry on his blog to understand the concept. http://crocustoms.blogspot.com/2014/01/born-free-6-uncle-sams-resurrection.html 
*You also can win this bike at Born-Free 6 if your lucky number is called. 
Many of our builders.. past and present have helped us tremendously on ideas, concepts and the direction of the show. They have really been a very key part of the success of Born-Free and we appreciate all that they have done.Caleb has been one of the most important voices and we have the utmost respect for him. Here are a couple pics of past builds and his first stop on his journey for BF6.  

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