January 14, 2014

Jasin Phares Builder Post

Jasin Phares is back as a Born-Free 6 Invited Builder...and back with something very different.
Jasin's iconic & tuff Bay-Area bikes have wowed the shows and interweb for the last several years and his style has been a huge inspiration for many.
 This year Jasin is on a different path...A full fledged Drag bike...The "Usurper". It's a 115 inch Shovelhead that's saturated in Bay Area history. The bike has a Komsam chromoly frame & a custom cam turned by Tom Sifton himself.
 Jasin hopes to rebuild this bike entirely while preserving the era it's from. It has not seen the track in over 30 years but it will soon.... 9 seconds is the goal!

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