February 12, 2014

Ry & Brad Builder Update

Ry and Brad are making some real progress on their BF6 Bike and it's really looking good. The guys sent in a few pics & some concept renderings of the build. They also sent in some words about who the build is for and why:


Ry and I are building our BF6 bike for a very good friend of ours - Greg, or PapaBear as he's known around here in Detroit. Greg got that handle because he's the guy that has the temperament, graciousness and wisdom needed to more or less keep our little group of wide ranging personalities all together - like the hub in our wheel.  We all love him because he's the guy that is always there with a wrench in hand or a spare part you might need when you really need it in order to keep rolling. No ego, no agenda,  just a good human. The bad thing about being Greg is you barely ever have time to work on your own project because you're too busy helping everyone else out while they are finishing their's.  So when Greg scored a really nice pan/shovel pile, but had no time to finish it, Ry and I decided we would create some good karma for our buddy by finishing it all for him. Being the guy that Greg truly is, he handed over total creative freedom to us - "I trust you guys" he told us over and over. So it was decided.
Greg has a love for both vintage American made customs and European sporty type bikes so our build will reflect both of his loves.  The bike will also be very ride-able, as we do a lot of that around here. Greg is also a big guy so I tried to make sure the bikes proportions would work with his.
Needless to say Greg, Ry and I are beyond stoked to be invited to the show.  I know it's been said already a bunch of times, but to see our mugs up on that poster with all the rest of the guys is pretty cool. We hope we don't let anybody down, especially Detroit or ourselves.
've included a couple renderings I've done for the build. We have 90% of the bike already designed in sketch/digital form but have been making adjustments when needed as we progress. Working with Ry and Greg on this thing has been the highlight of my 2 wheeled career. Their talents eclipse my own and I'd do anything for these guys so I'm hoping eventually I'll do everything with these guys. We will send sketches and more pics as we move along.  Thanks again for letting us play in your sandbox!

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