March 7, 2014

Art & Fuel Paint Exhibit @ BF6

Zach from Throttle Addiction is setting up a paint exhibit at Born-Free 6. Here's the idea straight from Zach :: I wanted to assemble an artistic showing of all the different styles of motorcycle painting you see these days.  There are so many talented people putting out crazy works of  art. My goal was to create an exhibit where its all about the painters, so I contacted 7 Artists, gave them a tank and asked them to go nuts.  Were have an open call for the 8th and final spot! To get in on the action head over to Chop Cult and throw your hat in the ring. Entry closes Friday 3/14/14 .  Enter Here >
The invited artists are top notch and I want to thank all of them for joining the Exhibit:  
Gen- Love Ear Art
Denis Babin - The Reservation
Pete "Hot Dog" Finlan
Jack "Pacman" McCann
Scott Takes - Undergournd Studios
Scott Hoepker - Chemical Candy Customs
John " Harpoon" Harpov
Be sure to check it out at Born Free 6 and vote for your favorite!   


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