April 6, 2014

84 Days...

84 days left (give or take) until Born-Free 6! Seems like yesterday and forever at the same time since BF5, doesn't it? Better get your painter, chromer, engine builder, etc in high gear and get your bike back together, June is almost here.
It takes everyone to pull this off, for all of us. We have lots of friends and family that pitch in every year in and since BF5 almost killed Mike and I we have made it a goal to add a few key people to our roster internally to help the show run smoother for everyone!

We know we are far from the only ones with their hands full. Hopefully all our Invited Builders are feeling the heat. We know all the rest of your are hot on it as well, putting in time off requests, burning the midnight oil between dinner and bed wrenching on your cross country trippers and hopeful Best In Show bikes. We all have our stengths and weaknesses. Some weld, some paint, some wrench, some detail, some are best paying for help for all the above, some draw, some shoot videos, some just like to watch!

Point is, everyone plays a part in Born-Free. Period. And we can't do what we do without all of you! So this is a thanks for everything up to this point and a pre-thanks for what's to come. We are hoping it will be one of the BEST Born-Free shows yet!

I just found a bunch of pictures my dad took at BF5 and this really sums up the feeling after each year. Over looking Irvine lake just behind the show site.

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