April 3, 2014

Born-Free Admission & Fast Pass Wristbands ( PLEASE READ )

Hey folks here's the deal with admission: It's $10 bucks per day. Kids under 12 free. There are two methods to enter the show: You can simply  show up and pay at the gate....ride or walk in. If you come late & we are at capacity for bikes you will need to park your bike in the parking lot.
 Next is the choice method if you care about your bike being inside the show... buy the "Fast Pass" wristband for either day or both.  The Fast Pass wristband will guarantee your old bike will be inside the show grounds. Those with the "Fast Pass" wristband will also enter through a different gate & that will get you in much faster and earlier. * Please note if you are packing double the driver and passenger must be wearing the bands.
The reason for the  Fast Pass bands is to make sure the old bikes and people who want to be in the show can be. The show fills up to capacity every year  and cool old bikes ridden from long distances end up out in the parking lot. We don't want that...this will help that problem. This should  also assist in the flow of traffic into the show by being pre paid and not having to stop and get off  your bikes.  If you don't care about parking your old bike inside the show don't worry about the Fast Pass wristband. * Re cap :: Buy the fast pass and you are done or just come to the show and pay at the gate.  See you all soon.



  1. If we do not arrive early and the capacity is full to park inside the show, where will the parking lot for outside show parking be?

  2. The parking lot is right outside the show gate