April 1, 2014


The new Born-Free 6 Fast Pass wristbands are on sale now through Lowbrow Customs. This is a brand new feature for this years 2 day event. Here is the deal:::

The cost to ride or walk into Born-Free 6 is $10 each day. Admission is taken care of two ways: Pay at the gate or buy the BF6 "Fast Pass" wristband. If you want to ride your vintage motorcycle into the show either day you need to buy a BF6 “Fast Pass” wristband(s) in advance from Lowbrow Customs. The Fast Pass wristband for either Saturday June 28 or Sunday June 29th will guarantee that you can ride in and park your old machine inside the show!  The show fills up every year and thousands of bikes have to park outside   the show grounds with the cars, so do yourself a favor and get a Fast Pass and park inside on the grass.
Get into the Born-Free 6 show easier and quicker than ever before with the BF6 "Fast Pass" wristband . * If you are packing double the rider and passenger must have their "Fast Pass" wristbands for entry. We are only selling a limited amount before the show so..Don't delay these will sell out quickly. We will have more info soon on the Fast Pass Wristband and all the benefits. Buy your  BF6 Fast Pass wristband(s) right now through Lowbrow's BF6 page http://www.lowbrowcustoms.com/p3312/buy/misc/born-free-6/born-free-show-born-free-6-poster-amp-raffle-ticket/

**Please remember : no overnight camping ,no coolers, no club colors, and no pets. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 


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