April 30, 2014

Want to Win A Custom Bike/Bikes at Born-Free ?

Here is the list of  12 Builers/Bikes you can win at Born-Free 6 on Day 1 -June 28th 2014 :: Jason Sheets - Panhead Choppper : Oliver Jones - Crazy Shovelhead : Kevin Baas - Big Twin Flathead : Matt Walkser -Indian Chopper : Caleb Owens - Uncle Sam Shovelhead : Bryan Thompson - 50's Custom Pre Unit Triumph : Nick Miserendino - 70's Swingarm Custom Shovelhead : Ryan Mullion - Pre Unit Triumph 60's Style Trike : Joey Cano - Big Twin Flathead Chopper : Trent Schara - Shovelhead Chopper : Pete Mason - 60'S Style Panhead Chopper & just added Scott ( T-bone )Jones-  The 120R Custom Harley-Davidson. These guys are committed to the giveaway promo and you can take home one of these bikes if your number is called.We will have new updates & pictures of these bikes soon. Follow along as they build your bike. Get your poster w/ free ticket that enters you to win right now through Lowbrow Customs BF6 Webpage.  http://www.lowbrowcustoms.com/p3312/buy/misc/born-free-6/born-free-show-born-free-6-poster-amp-ticket/ The purchase of the poster/free ticket will also enter you to win the 1947 Knucklehead on Sunday ( day 2 ) June 29th 2014.  These posters and tickets are limited and when we sell out that's it!  Please Remember (( You must be present to win)) ! Only $25 Bucks will take home a custom made motorcycle.

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