June 11, 2014

Wes White Builder Update

Wes is building a full competition bike for his lady...to race!! That's cool. Here are a few words from Wes::
Well its crunch time here at the ranch and we are progressing okay with the Humble Bee land speed racing bike.  Just a few more days work and it will be ready to fire.  Anyone who has built a bike knows that the last 20% takes all of the time and I am expecting no different with this one.  Luckily I have had some help lately from some of my Bonneville homies.  We have Philly Dan who came all the way from...well...Philly to give a hand while he was out here on a family outing.  While his wife worked, Dan and daughters were working here on spacers, brake linkages and all the little stuff I forgot to do while mocking up the bike.  As for Rob Bush, my flat tracking buddy and all around good guy, he has been getting in some moto-therapy Tuesdays here at Four Aces and knows his way around a Ceriani front end like nobody's business.  He is a great help whether we be flat tracking or pitting at the Salt Flats.  Kristine Peach continues to help out as well by paying lots of the bills and doing what she can on the bike, which is more than you would think, but she is an experienced Salt Flats crew-person and that means on the job training.  The most tedious and stressful stuff is here tho, making cables running chains and running the bike in is yet to come.  Stay tuned for some graphics too!


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