March 17, 2015

BF7 Invited Builder : Hunter Klee

One of the best parts about the Born-Free Builder Invite is finding guys that are super talented and relatively unknown in today's of world of social media. That's Hunter Klee! Nice, humble and loaded with talents. We met Hunter through Chopper Dave and Dave said "you got to talk to this dude...he's really good and a really good dude"! That was enough for us and now he's a builder. Hunter helped out on Dave's killer turbo charged "Steel Shoe" bike for BF, so he brings the performance game to our builder group which really adds some nice diversity. Hunter is checking in for the first time with some photos of his bikes, a rendering and the story:

The story of "Katy"

My build is basically a flat track race bike. I was itching to build a dual throttle body fuel injected twin ever since helping ChopperDave with the "Steel Shoe", his Born Free 5 build. After building my Buell Blast tracker "Pink" and my Sportster Flat track race bike "Britney", I've had this bike stuck in my head. (Britney earned her name because she's twice as heavy as Pink) Katy's powerplant is from a Buell XB9. The Buell's lend themselves very nicely to a custom chassis build with the swing arm mount cast into the cases and little less heft than the Sportsters they are derived from. The fuel injection is going to be all late model Harley with the ecu reading crank position only for timing. 
The chassis and swing arm is all designed by me and will be built by me. As well as the carbon fiber bodywork. Billy at STD/Spyke/Compufire has graciously offered to make a set of XR style heads for me to accomplish the task of dual throttle bodies and left side exhaust. Paul and Pops are going to be helping me out with getting my wheel design turned into reality, as well as providing the Lyndall Brakes that will stop her. Dave and Sean at Progressive Suspension are helping me out with getting her to handle right. Tuning will be handled by a Vance and Hines FP3. Todd Canavan and I have the enormous task of stripping down the late model wiring harness to the bare bones of what a race bike needs.
Can't wait to see it done! Follow Hunter on Instagram HERE

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