May 7, 2015

You Can Win 4 Motorcycles at BF7

1946 Knucklehead Chopper (soon to be finished)

You can win 4 different bikes at BF7. We are giving away the 2015 H-D Lowrider / 1977 First Year H-D Lowrider as a combo on Saturday June 27th and the 1946 H-D Knucklehead built by Max Schaaf of Sunday June 28th and now just added is the Speed Merchant built PBR Chopper. This bike was also be given away on Saturday June 27th.  If you bought a BF7 bike giveaway promo poster/ticket combo you are entered to win all 4. Yes even the Pabst bike. If you have not entered you need to ASAP. When we run out of poster/tickets that's it...we will not print more for the show. The online deadline is coming soon so don't delay. Get your chance right now through Loser Machine



1977 H-D Lowrider


2015 H-D Lowrider


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