June 22, 2015


Born-Free 7 is NOT SOLD OUT. We just no longer are selling Saturday Grass Passes. -You can still get in with or without a motorcycle. If you are driving a car you simply park , pay at the gate and walk in. That's it! If you are riding a motorcycle and you want to park inside the show grounds and did not BUY A GRASS PASS admission band...You just simply pay at the gate and ride in. The catch is if we are full to capacity with bikes (not people) you will need to park ur bike in the parking lot, pay at the gate and just walk in.
We have been selling Grass Pass admission bands for 4 months but the deadline has come and gone. *The benefit of buy the Grass Pass is you do not need to worry about anything...come in early or get there late we will get you in hassle free no matter what. Admission is only $ 10 per day. We will have some Sunday Grass Passes for sale on Saturday so just come by the Born-Free booth and buy one. See you in 5 DAYS. 

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  1. I bought grass passes a long ass time ago. Then got a vendor booth....not knowing this info before.....should i be wearing both vendor wrist bands and grass pass bands ....or do i just need the vendor WB...i can give away my grass passes?