June 11, 2016

Sponsor Spotlight ( Sena )

We are very pleased to announce Sena is now part of the Born-Free Family. They are making some very cool products and we receive a few that we will be giving away at Born-Free 8.

We have 2 10Rs and 10Cs that will be included in our BF8 Bike Giveaway Promo. Each of 3 bike winners will select the product of choice. The 4th will be given away in awesome prize package from multiple sponsors after the bikes are given away.
Here are the product descriptions:
Sleek, low-profile design with high quality performance in the new 10R motorcycle communication headset.
10C:The World’s first helmet communication system and action camera… all in one device. 
Please visit Sena's website to check out these killer products. www.sena.com # @senabluetooth


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