July 3, 2018

Born-Free 10 coverage pt. 1 - Saturday

The 1968 Shovelhead giveaway bike built by the Prism boys.

Anthony Robinson and his Triumph that took home 'Best British'; he was also a Show Class People's Champ Six contestant

Markland and his rad knucklehead

Dean-o lining them up in the morning

The DicE Magazine booth in full-force


Lots of people out for the SDC FXR & Open show.

Giveaway ticket seller extraordinaire, Elizabeth  

This thing was working all day!

Ryan, killing it

Chris and his killer Shovel

Another one of the Show Class People's Champ Six finalists. Shamus Mathers

Shamus Mathers

From the morning until an hour before the gates closed there was bikes cruising in from all over... this guy rode here from Australia, no joke. 

Killer Pan!

All types and styles of custom bikes were rolling onto the grass!


Neat, simple, traditional... just right

The grass area becomes it's own show

Another Panhead comin' through 

It's fun to sit by the grass pass gates and see all the different bikes go by

A rider with some style to it

The dugdiggler himself

Easy-Beans cruising in strong

Killer style!

Bikes lined up as far as the eye could see!

This guy was cruising into the SDC show!

Sportsters, baggers, choppers, all the names...

Nailed it!

This pair was too rad!

The more the merrier!

One of the line-ups over in the SDC area

SDC brought out a huge display of insane builds

The live music was going all day


More live music over at the DicE Magazine stage!

Gettin' it

Suicide Machine Co showing off some Hooligan race bikes

Babes slangin' paletas

Babes drinkin' beer

Looks like there's a Sportster hiding under all that impressive bodywork 

His first custom motorcycle show

The live music was non-stop!

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Playing with the giveaway bike

Who doesn't love old race bikes?

This thing is roasted (literally) but still riding out to the show. Unarguably a chopper 

"Coming through!"

Joe Kerivan's dope Panhead

Dave Polgreen rode his clean FXR out to the show

The worst tattoo competition popped off. We're thinking the 1 year of 805 Beer prize was more than enough incentive to make the competition tough!

Chris helping judge the worst tattoo 


The crowd eager to find out who won builders choice and who is taking home the 1968 Shovelhead

One last look before that winning ticket is pulled!

Mikey from SDC giving some recognition to the bikes in the FXR & Open show

Getting ready to announce Builder's Choice

3rd Place, Kyle from Leadfist Cycles with his incredible Triumph

2nd Place went to Dayten Likness with his super bad-a '66 Shovelhead

1st Place and the trip to  Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show in Japan is Hawke Lawshe' of Vintage Technologies, congrats!

A random special guest from the crowd was chosen to come pick the giveaway ticket for the 1968 Shovelhead

Jake and Zach from Prism came up to talk a little bit about the bike they built for the giveaway

Congratulations to Paul Kuvelis for taking home the incredible '68!

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