May 30, 2013

Dave Polgreen BF5 Invited Builder Update

Dave Polgreen is building a 1937 UL Flathead for the BF5 Builder Invite.Dave is putting in an incredible amount of work and creativity in this bike and it shows. This amazing bike is part of the Giveaway Promo...where else but Born-Free could you win a bike like this?..Dave writes::For the last few Born-Free shows I have done some oddball, wild bikes, so this year I just want to build a relatively traditional chopper. The motor is a 1937 UL, the frame is a 30's VL frame with some tweaks I made, including raking it to 31 degrees. 

The front end is a late 20's Harley peashooter springer that I extended 6". Oil tank is a repop 1937 tank that I narrowed 2" and shortened 1.5". I plan on running the original style banjo fittings with custom oil lines.The sissy bar was shaped to match the wings of the demon on the gas tank, and I just fit in the taillight where I thought it would look good. Speaking of the paint, Tom Fugle painted the tank, and he has my fender right now to paint. Smokey in Long Beach built my motor, I am just waiting for my heads to get in from the polisher.
I still have a ton of work to do, but I am really excited about the bike and the show. Back to work. . .

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