April 20, 2015

BF7 Invited Builder Update-Carmine and Jason of VCP

The Invited Builder team of Carmine Bellamore and Jason Moss of Visionary Cycle Products in New York are happy to have the motor done for their build thanks to some talented help.
It's based around oem panhead cases that now displace 88-inches using Truett and Osborne lightweight rotating assembly with H-beam rods, a custom Leineweber cam, dual front heads using oem castings heavily modified by Brandon at Mullins Chian Drive to run twin Amal carbs, a cast Morris G5 magneto, Baisley roller top rocker arms and even one off carbon fiber rocker covers for a total package should make for a fast and high revving motor! The engine specs were designed by Adam Munzinger from Milkhaus Speed Research.
We can't wait to hear this beast run! Stay tuned for more and be sure to follow us on Instagram HERE, Visionary Cycle Products HERE, Milkhaus Speed Research HERE, and Mullins Chain Drive HERE.

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