November 22, 2010


In case we haven't made it clear, Born-Free 3 will be taking place @ The Oak Canyon Ranch in beautiful Santiago Canyon, behind Irvine Lake. There are great camping opportunities for those who like to get in touch with Mother Nature. Down the canyon about 5 miles is a scenic camping area called O'Neill Reginal Parks. They have an area at the end of there grounds called Arroyo Campground that is perfect for Born-Free 3'ers. Originally we said it was the Hickey Creek area, but that was a misunderstanding unless you have a huge group an want to reserve a bulk area with 30-50 camping spots.
It is $27 the first night and $15 each additional. There are quite a few spots in the Arroyo Campground area and each spot they say is for two cars and 8 people. If you all reserve your spot now they will most likely be by other Born-Free-ers.
Make your reservations early! There is another camping event in the canyon that weekend and the rest of the area will be full. Call 1-800-600-1600 or CLICK HERE for online reservations and campground info. We recomend calling just to make sure you reserve in the Arroyo Campground area!
The road in and out of the camping area is sheltered by an amazingly stunning ride through a windy tree canopy capped road...don't wait! Below are pics Mike and I took yesterday at the camground. Plus there is a map of the whole O'neill Recration area and a panned out map. It is less than two miles to the legendary Cooks Corner where we are working on having the BF3 afterparty! Stay tuned!