December 27, 2010

Rock n Cycles Sponsor Spotlight

The man from Brazil....I met up with Fabio last year right before BF2 and after getting to know him for a few days I realized he has the same passion for motorcycles as we just because you come from a different country, you are a rock star,your girlfriend is a supermodel and you look like one too....people are the same...well.. inside anyway.Fabio is opening a incredible shop in Sao Paulo Brazil and has been collecting the right bikes,parts and apparel to make it a very special place. Rock n Cycles is a top sponsor for Born Free 3 and we are very proud to have him with us.

1 comment:

  1. thanks to you Mike, Rock n Cycles is part of the coolest vintage bike show on the planet!!!! The Shop here in Brazil is ready to rock and The Big Opening is going to be in February!.....Born Free
    Greetings from Brazil