December 21, 2010

BF3 Camping Update

Hey potential Born-Free 3 campers!
In our original post about camping during Born-Free 3 we had a misunderstanding about the site within the campground by Cooks corner. We said originally it was the Hickey Creek Area, but it will actually be the Arroyo Campground. It sounds like they got it figured out for those that called to make reservations, but for those wanting to camp DON'T WAIT TO MAKE RESERVATIONS! By the time BF3 comes around the grounds will be full with or without Born-Free, so call now to make reservations and mostly be by other BF3 campers, CLICK HERE FOR CAMPING INFO
Also, the campgrounds folks said they had a lot of people asking about alcohol, be discreet about it if you are bringing it! The site doesn't allow it so be cool...dig?
Happy camping!

Also, don't forget that Born-Free Knucklehead posters with a free knucklehead ticket are up for sale!

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