April 14, 2011

Born-Free Tour

Many of you are going to embark on your first, second, or third personal Born-Free tour this June as you ride, drive, or fly to Southern California to share one day of old motorcycles with many friends and not so strange strangers...
I was driving up the 405 this morning on the way to work and i was thinking about all the stuff i have to do today during the radio comercial break and my brain was blindsided by my truck's speakers which just blasted out in booming radio announcer voice "...Is starting on his Born Free Tour this summer!" i quickly tried to pay attention to who they were talking about. iot turns out that Kid Rock has an album out called Born Free! Looks like he'll be doing some promotion for us...thanks Kid!
So i pull up the video once i got to work and he's even riding a Harley in it...maybe he'll stop by!


  1. whatever you do, don`t tell him about the show.......i want the REAL bob seeger, not some watered down, rehashed shit......

  2. Jr's Silver Dollar Pontiac is killer though.