April 8, 2011

Michael Schmidt's New Garage Company Video on Born-Free

Doing Born-Free has been a lot of work, but it is great to see what people are willing to do to just help and beinvolved because they want to, like Michael Schmidt. You've seen his amazing pictures of the Born-Free Knuckle on here and on his BLOG which took a tremendous amount of work and money in obsolete Polaroid Type 55 film to do...which we couldn't pay for, but i think Michael was excited to shoot the bike because of itself and also for the show.
Well, the same is said for his unique video work which is patently his and looks like nothing else. He has been helping us with some of the local builders and such, and just got this one finished up on the Garage Company with some words from Yoshi and Kiyo on the bike and the Born-Free show. Thanks Michael!

Garage Company for Born Free 3 from Michael Schmidt on Vimeo.

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