October 31, 2011

Born-Free 4 Builders

We know many of your have been wondering about the invited builders we'll have be part of the Born-Free 4...this is a tough area of the show to put together because there are so many talented people out there building bikes. We'd love to invite as many people as we can to be part of this showcase, but we learned last year that can be a lot to handle in addition to putting together the "main" part of Born-Free and getting 3000-4000 bikes into the show and make upwards of 10,000 people happy for a day!

Mike and i also refocused a little more this year when it came to those we invited. We wanted to keep things fresh with new builders and keep the ball rolling with a few that were with us the past show. Talent is strong with people today and that is great that people are pushing themselves and others to do better work, but it's not always about who can paint, weld, design, wrench better than the next guy...there's something inside some people that can make up for some of these other things and it's called passion.

Passion is a big part of Born-Free. It is the passion we all have for old motorcycles that has made Born-Free what it is today and we want this to continue. So each and every person we picked has to do with this passion, sometimes eclipsing "professional" talent, but spirit can account for quite a bit.

SO without further a due, we give you the gentlemen who will be building bikes for the Born-Free 4 Builder Showcase! We'll be following them through their builds both with photos and video up until June 30th 2012!

Thanks, and to anyone who thinks they should be involved...build it and bring it!


  1. Very impressive list.
    Can't wait to see what they pull off.

  2. Wow what a group!! Thanks to all who wanted to do this...we appreciate it.

  3. hell yes solid line up for sure!!! time to put my head down and start mashing metal.

  4. I just like seeing all of our fxr's in the background of one of the pics in Will's alley! I can't wait to see what they hit us with this year! Happy Choppin!

  5. whats Bacon gonna do???
    i'm sure its gonna be good..