February 29, 2012

What it's All About

Email's like this is why we do the show :: Hey dudes,

just wanted to say how stoked me and my bros are for born free 4, last
year we rode down from canada to check it out. We were so overwhelmed
with the level of awesome that it inspired us to build our own bikes
to ride down this year. As soon as we got back home, we found a buddy
with a sweet garage and a couple old bikes in desperate need of some
love. Here's a shot of where we are at today...

Anywho, this year our trip will be rolling through Moab, Utah and the
Grand Canyon before hitting up Born Free, thanks again for all that
work you guys have put into the show(s). I know theres a couple
Canadian boys that can't wait for June....

Here's a little vid of our trip last year:



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