February 28, 2012

Builder Spotlight

Southern California is huge with over 4 million people in LA alone i believe and evern though i had heard of Evilspirit Engineering and seen of of their stuff in the mags over the years, i had never met Michael Barragan until a little over two years ago on an airplane. I sat next Michael and his dad on our way to Japanback in 2010 and what a breath of fresh air the Barragans were. We talked for hours about bikes, music, old guitars, life, etc, and just clicked. Michael "gets" and appreciates life to the fullest especially after almost getting taken out by a car a few years prior.

Michael was just the kinda guy we wanted to be a part of Born-Free. In fact i guess i made a big enough impression that he built the white panhead just for Born-Free 3 unbeknownst to us! Well, he's in the builders ring for Born-Free 4 and is building a far out Knucklehead...stay tuned! Make sure to add the Evilspirit Engineering BLOG to your daily rounds.

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