April 17, 2013

BF5 Invited Builder Dave Polgreen

It's great to have Dave back this year in the invite and he also stepped up and committed to be in the giveaway promo too..so if you like Dave's builds and style( check out some of his builds below) you can choose his bike at BF5! Here is what he is building...

The bike is a 1937 UL motor in a VL frame. My aim is to do a pretty traditional-style chopper with my own little flavor added to it. The motor in the pics is not my actual motor, my actual motor is being fully rebuilt as I write, with polished heads and cam cover, wico mag, linkert M51L carb, all the good stuff. The frame is a 30's VL frame that I modified to correctly mount the UL motor. I also changed the backbone to be straight and changed the stress tube to be curved, kinda reversing how they normally look. I did that to be able to mount a tank a little easier and also because a straight stress tube would have looked like shit over the nice curvature of the top of the flathead motor. Front end is a peashooter springer that I'm extending 6". The fork has turned into a really difficult project, but I've never personally seen it done before like this and I think it's really going to make the look of this bike special. The gas tank was painted by Tom Fugle, and once I finish the fab work on the rear fender, he will be painting that too, I'm really excited about that. I don't want to give away the rest of the stuff I am doing, but it's gonna be really nice, I can promise that. Thank You.

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