April 16, 2013

Hotel Info for Born-Free

We have found two hotel's that are pretty close to the show,decent rooms, rates and ez access to freeways. Howard Johnson in Orange is right off the 55 and Katella ( 15 minutes from show ) http://www.hojoorangeca.com/ and La Quinta Inn in Irvine right off the 5 freeway/Sand Canyon Rd.(about 20 minutes from the show)  http://www.lq.com/lq/properties/propertyProfile.do?ident=LQ663&propId=663&iata=99020724&WT.srch=1&sissr=1   The La Quinta Inn is a little more and probably a little nicer and The Howard Johnson hotel is closer and lower rates... Book now because I am sure they will sell out fast.


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