June 13, 2013

Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Series-Kiyo

We couldn't be happier to present to you our invited builder on Kiyo. Kiyo is everything you think you know or don't know about the Japanese work ethic and style. He's a talented fabricator, welder, mechanic, racer, rider, and is an all around nice guy. He was also the hands behind the 1946 Knuckle and 1969 Shovelhead chopper we gave away  at Born-Free 3 and 4.
This year he is building a crazy drag/land speed race style, turbo charged Honda CB750! In true Kiyo fashion, he has fabricated most of the bike and you'll be sure it runs hard! Keep in mind that you have the chance to win his bike or your choice of 17 other of our invited builder bikes at the show, June 29, 2013. If you haven't got your poster and ticket to win, get them NOW online before online sales are cut off in 7 days!!! CLICK HERE and please enjoy and repost the video.

Video by Michael Schmidt and edited by Homer Gaijin

Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Series-Kiyo from Born-Free on Vimeo.

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