June 13, 2013

Sponsors & Giveaways

One of the greatest things about Born-Free is all the generous support we receive. Our Sponsors are why we can do this show the way we want do it. James at US VS THEM /City Fog Surf Co. is donating a custom painted board ( by HeadCase ) to Born-Free. This board will be given away right after we announce the winner of the bike. This board along with a paint job( tank n fender) by Spagetty's and 2 other fabulous prize packages will be awarded to some lucky folks. If you have bought a BF5 poster w/ free ticket you are already entered...Thank you James and all of our Sponsors. James writes via instagram--

For you Instagramers:
This year @senorwoodgrainjames of @cityfogsurfco and @usversusthem will be awarding a "Favorite of show" with a one of a kind custom surfboard. The board will be a retro quad fish and painted by Casey "HEADCASE" Johnson @headcase220 For info and behind the scenes pics will be found at www.cityfogsurfco.com

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