December 31, 2013

Wes White Invited Builder Post

Triumph Guru and Bonneville Racer Wes White is among the invited builders for BF6. Wes brings a heavy pedigree of building the finest British motors, building full custom to full restorations and a racing background to our diverse group of guys. We will have more from Wes & Video soon...
To help explain what he's doing he writes::  So here we are just past the parts collection stage.  I guess I better get busy!  But seriously folks building out the wheels and getting the frame rolling is always my first step with a bike build, or so I remember.  Its been a while since I built one from scratch.
  As you may or may not know I am building a dedicated race bike for the Bonneville Salt Flats and El Mirage Dry Lake.  My idea was to build the bike right the first time.  My own bike has changed so many times over the years due to evolving necessity.  I want to build this one after learning many lessons along the way. I am going to call it The Humble Bee... so it is going to have some black and yellow in there but as you can see from the pics there is going to be a lot of polished alloy as well. 
 The whole bike is going to be something special but the motor is where my heart really is. I am typically a motor guy, so I have taken some pretty special stuff and put it together for the engine.  The cases came from a retired racer I know who went over 200 at the Slat Flats in 1968, the year I was born. The crank and other internal parts came from Sonny Scot, former owner of Stage Fright, a double engine dragster that was one of the first bikes in the tens in the swinging early 60s.
  The cams are New Old Stock Harmon and Collins Supper 77s, the best dry lake and drag strip cam ever made.  And made right here in LA also. The pistons are NOS Robbins 12:1 Compression, also made here in the City of Angels.  The rest is shaping up into a stock 1953 Frame, shouldered alloy rims (19 and 21), Buchanans spokes and an alloy tubular gas tank, probably two tubes. 
A very light Ceriani front end is in the works as well.  Oil tank, to be announced, gotta leave some suspense I guess.  So far I have some great people backing me on some of the more important parts, I got a care package of pegs, grips and seat bracket from my long time brothers from nuther muthas at Biltwell, Inc., a fender and some tank caps/bungs from my homie Tyler at LowbrowCustoms and Andrews Powdercoating out here in the SFV has generously offered to coat the frame, brackets, hubs, etc. 
 Big thanks to everyone and especially Champion Spark Plugs who has generously offered to sponsor my race efforts again this year.  Look for me at the swap meets I am gonna be giving away free spark plugs to lucky ducks, compliments of Champion.  Enjoy the cruddy cellphone pics....

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