January 3, 2014

Matt Walksler Invited Builder Post

Matt is our first Invited Builder to build an Indian and by the look of it, it's not going to be stocker! It's a fully polished 1953 Bonneville Chief motor , a narrowed Indian fork and a highly customized frame & that just the start to Matt's build. Matt has also graciously agreed to put his bike in the giveaway promo..so if you fancy a crazy, molded, narrowed ,Indian Chief Chopper this could be your bike.
 Matt and his dad Dale also have the Wheels Through Time Museum ( which I heard it's like Heaven) & are on a cool TV show..."What's in The Barn". If you like old motorcycles, racing, swap meets, and fun.. you will like this show.
We will have more updates on Matt's build as it progresses & his video soon. 

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