February 8, 2014

Bobby "the Leg" Middleton Invited Builder

Bobby "The Leg" Middleton of King Kustoms is representing all of Chicago (tough job!) in the Invited Builder circle this year at Born-Free 6. You might remember the killer Knucklehead that Bobby build and won last year's Show Class People's Champ contest and then took home "Best Knucklehead" the next day at Born-Free 5! Well we'd be fools if we didn't ask Bobby to be with us this year and he has something special planned.
It's a Pan Shovel that his dad owned way back in the day that got sold to a family friend whose had it for the last 25 years. Bobby recently got the motor back and wants to build a long hauler chopper for himself and his ol' lady to ride. Bobby is resurrecting lots of old parts that would have almost been tossed, but will be better than ever. Stay tuned for more and check out the King Kustoms  blog for more of Bobby's work.

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