February 9, 2014

Kevin "Teach" Baas-Invited Builder

Most of you know or know of Kevin "Teach" Baas either from his articles in Cycle Source magazine, his work as a school teacher of the Kennedy High Chopper Class in Bloomington, MN (click here for the class website), his parts company Baas Metal Craft, or just from all the cool bikes he's built throughout the years!
Last year at Born-Free 5 Kevin as an Invited Builder and his dual carb drag inspired build took home "Best Panhead", but this year he wants to tone it down just a bit after having just moved his whole family and shop to a fantastic new place depleating his crazy show bike budget.
So instead this year he will be bringing a simple good old fashioned bike that will still be his style and built to ride all over the country like all his stuff... no bling, no over the top engraved stuff...just a nice parkerized/black/ blasted aluminum type of a cool vintage bike based on a 1940 Harley UL! The motor was fully rebuilt with some tricks by Lee's SPeed Shop and should boogie, remember you could pick Kevin's bike if your lucky ticket gets pulled at Born-Free 6! CLICK HERE for your chance and remember you must be there to win.

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