February 14, 2014

Invited Builder Update-Brandon Casquilho of Mullins Chain Drive

We just got a radio transmission from up north in Richmond, California. Looks like Brandon at Mullins Chain Drive is heavy at it on his Born-Free 6 Invited Builder bike! He's not one to let ideas get moldy and he's back with a vengeance this year after his last build at BF4 that he called Reaganomics, but the rest of us call it "the toughest shovelhead ever built"!

With so much going on with his new Generator Shovelhead build, I asked him to sit down and tell us exactly what he's got in store.

"Hi folks, I'm stoked to be asked back to the show this year. We took last year off just because our Born-Free 4 bike took a full year to recover from! I'm going to do my best to stay on top of the fabrication documentation this time around. We will have flics up on here and you can nerd out on our project on Instagram HERE and our website for Mullins Chain Drive and check out our blog at www.mullinschaindrive.com I hope that way people can get a chance to see some of the nutso detail stuff that can easily be missed in a big crowd at the show. We got a lot of good response from the last bike and its cool to see maybe we rubbed off on a few guys in the process. I'm seeing a lot of single loop stuff out there now and lots of tuff guy shovelheads. 80's performance is a vein we need to exploit to the bitter end!!! This year's bike is in the same family as Reaganomics, but we're gonna take it a little further into the realm of hi performance Daytona/GP meets the experimental aircraft/ Edwards Airforce Base 1975 kinda thing.

Quick run down of what were doin: full 4130 chromoly single-loop Mullins Chain Drive Witchfinder frame with a prototype swing arm and raised transmission setup. Goin' a little higher stretch up front because lets not forget, it's a chopper show boys! Wheels are already a nightmare, 21/18 one-off, cast super skinnies, WM-0 in front, WM-3 in back. We will have Eurotrash suspension for the snobs, 42mm Marzocchi forks in a custom set of Mullins Super Narrow trees with twin dual piston Brembos in front and a single rear. Painfully custom Ohlins shocks in the back and a super trick swing arm design from the HD school not the supercross school.

I'll make all the sheet metal and controls and all that stuff like always. We'll go ape-shit on the fasteners and weirdo mil-spec plating and finishes. The motor is based in a set of real primo '66 gen shovel cases, Bendix Scintilla Mag, Hot Dock rockerboxes, Delorto carbs, dual front heads and a 96" topend and flywheels. Hopefully sometime this year Leineweber is gonna finish grinding our cam and Baker set us up with a super trick, brand new Signature Series 6-in-a-4 speed trans. Its built for the abuse our little motor is gonna put on that poor rear tire.

Thanks very much to my German/Milwaukee Magician Adam Munzinger for getting after the motor duties, Nelson Kanno, S and S Cycle for the stroker kit and special topend, Baker Drivetrain for the help on our transmission and Grant and Mike for sticking their necks out for Mullins Chain Drive for another year!"

Best regards from Richmond,

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