February 17, 2014

Tom Fugle BF 6 Builder

Every year we really try to get a unique mix of builders in the BF Builder Invite. We have had father & son, father, sons & nephew, builders from across the US & the globe,some well known dudes & some you have never heard of.
This year we have the privilege of having a living legend Mr. Tom Fugle of Sioux City Iowa. Tom has built some of the most iconic bikes known to man and his art & leather skills are legendary. He has inspired so many with his builds & paintwork and it's evident everywhere you look. Tom is our oldest builder we have ever had but his attitude, energy & spirit is that of a young man. I talked to Tom a couple days ago and he was telling me about his ribs ( he broke some a few months ago) and said he feels great and the milk healed him quick. For those of you who know Tom you know what that means. This year Tom is building a full blown Panhead show bike..Here are a few pics of Tom's crazy build and we will have the full story soon.        


  1. I live in sioux city and am lucky enough to have met him and seen his amazing work on many occasions. Cant wait to see this creation

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