January 7, 2015

BF7 Invited Builder : Trevelen Rabanal

 They say timing is everything and the time is right for Born-Free. This year we have a couple guys that really have paved the way for so many and were very instrumental in creating real artistry in motorcycles. Trevelen Rabanal is one of those guys. I met Trevelen through friends and said hello over the years but never really talked or spent much time with him, so I was not really sure what his reaction would be when I asked him about being a builder for BF7. The answer came from an honest, humble and a very professional guy...and it was yes. We are very excited about having Trevelen as a builder & Super Co as a sponsor. Here are a couple pics of his BF7 build & some of the amazing work he has done. Here is a few words about his build....

 It's a old frame I picked up from a "famous outlaw" who had bought and had it chopped by Dick Allen. Sugar Bear built the frontend 28" over. Akron rims. Lil Joe prism tank. AEE sissy bar. 103" S&S cone shovel. Doherty 4 speed with Andrew gears. Techcycle open primary with starter. Sundance Japan rocker boxes. Hydraulic foot clutch with ART hydraulic slave. Stay tuned for more updates on his build and his video. Check out the Super Co site for the latest info... http://supercolosangeles.com/


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