January 8, 2015

BF 7 Sponsors ( Revised )

We have finalized the sponsor list for BF7 or at least for the first printing of the flyer & ads. We can not do the show without the generous support of these people. We have several returning & some new sponsors this year. Here are a few that have really stepped up & helped realize our vision for this years show. . The Headline sponsor is Harley-Davidson. The stuff we do with them goes way beyond business and we are truly grateful. Street Chopper has jumped in head first and has taken on the Builder Sponsorship. They have some great ideas & resources to help our invited builders & our program. Loser Machine has switched their roles and now is handling all the promotional merchandise , posters, tickets, fast pass bands and all other goods sold online. This is a huge responsibility and their expertise allows up to expand our brand & products beyond the show. The guys from Biltwell have also come to the big table & carved out a unique sponsorship that will be really add something special to the show..more on what they will be up to soon. Lastly, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer will now take on all the duties of the Official Beer Sponsor of Born-Free. These guys are excited about what's going on in our little world & want do much more than handing over a check. Take a look at the back of this flyer...everyone on here is so important to us and enables us to do all we do and bring you the best show possible. Thank you to all.       

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