November 5, 2013

Builder Update! Larry Pierce

There must be some good water out there in Alabama because our buddy and invited BF6 builder Larry is always havin' a good time buildin net stuff! Here's a quick look at what he's got cookin' for this year...

"Here are some pics of what i got so far. Motor and stainless neck and tubing for frame.
I just got my motor today, its a 48 UL basket case and I have a lead on a panhead transmission. I am gonna get started on the frame today or tomorrow.  Pumped about being invited back this year we go again."


Garage Company Customs Inc.
688 Hwy 331
Columbiana, Al 35051
205-533-8922 fax

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I dug the promo video of Larry for BF5. Cannot wait to see more from this guy!